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Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk

I'm just about to come to the end of week 7 on my bulk, and I'm currently at 3,000 calories (full macro breakdown further on). Short and sweet, here's everything I ate today!

8:00AM - Pre-Workout

Sam Barnes Lifestyle Full Day Of Eating
  • 1x Latte (150ml Semi Skimmed Milk)

  • 1x Packet Quaker Golden Syrup Oats with 180ml Semi Skimmed Milk, 90g Banana & 2x Squares Dark Chocolate.

  • 2x Slices White Toast with 20g Peanut Butter & 30g Jam

Most of the time, I use my breakfast as my pre workout. I like to get my workout done in the morning if I can. With a pre workout as big as this, you want to be leaving around 3 hours after eating before you start working out.

When it comes to the types of foods I'll eat pre workout, I'm generally looking to get a good handful of all 3 macros. Protein, carbs, and then some fat to slow down the release of the sugars, so I've got plenty of fuel in the tank during the middle of the workout as well.

11:00AM - Intra Workout

Sam Barnes Lifestyle Full Day Of Eating
  • 20g EAAs

  • 5g Creatine

1:00PM - Post Workout

After working out, my first thought is to get myself back into a parasympathetic state, in order to absorb and digest any food that I take in. This is the mistake people often make. You'll see people chugging protein shakes straight after a workout. Not only is this unnecessary, it's more than likely doing more harm than good. After a workout you need to spend time trying to calm yourself down. Allow your heart and breathing rate to drop again, then take in food. This whole process shouldn't take any less than 30 to 45 minutes.

Sam Barnes Lifestyle Full Day Of Eating
  • 50g Cream Of Rice, 30g Salted Caramel Whey Paste & 50g Raspberries (added salt as well)

  • 3x Crumpets with 25g Honey

Your post workout meal needs to be made up of quick carbs and protein. Ideally keeping the fat content as low as possible. We want our bodies to take in and utilise the carbs as quickly as possible, the fat is only going to slow this process down.


Sam Barnes Lifestyle Full Day Of Eating
  • 75g Cous Cous (dry weight), 30g Spinach (fried in 1 teaspoon olive oil), 40g Sweetcorn, 60g Cottage Cheese, and 2x Quorn Fillets. All topped off with 1x teaspoon Olive Oil and salt.


Sam Barnes Lifestyle Full Day Of Eating
  • 80g Spaghetti (dry weight), 60g Quorn Mince and 100g Dolmio Tomato Pasta Sauce


Sam Barnes Lifestyle Full Day Of Eating
  • 125g Skyr Yoghurt, 50g Granola, 100g Strawberries, and 15g Honey

  • 2x Squares Dark Chocolate

The most important part to the final meal of the day is how close you eat it to your bed time. No, not because "carbs at night make you fat". If you're body is trying to sleep, but you've only just eaten a meal, how do you expect it to digest the food? Ideally, we want to keep our last meal of the day at least an hour and a half away from our bed time, but if you can get it even further away that's even better.

Final numbers for the day:

3,014 Calories - 155g Protein - 442g Carbs - 67g Fat

What do you eat everyday?


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