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2 Weeks Post Top Surgery

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I can't believe it's only been 2 weeks since I had top surgery. Not in a negative way, it's just that so much has happened I'm finding it hard to believe it's not been longer. Since the 8th of August I've been down to Torquay, had top surgery, travelled back home, recovered, longed for a shower, travelled back to Torquay, had my reveal, travelled back home, had my shower and stared at my chest whilst basking in white shirts.

Sam Barnes Top Surgery

I feel like I can't carry on writing without first thanking Dr Andrew Yelland and the staff down at Torquay. That guy is a genius and he clearly loves doing what he does. He was so lovely from the moment I met him and I honestly don't have a bad word to say about my experience at the hospital. If you are lucky enough to have your top surgery with him, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

The hotel that I stopped over in during my time in Torquay was beautiful as well, so if you are looking for a place to stay if you're ever down their, whether for top surgery or otherwise, I can't recommend The Imperial enough.

*Warning - Next paragraph talks about blood*

I feel like I'm healing up really nicely. I was glad when I could finally see the scars appearing, I've done pretty well through out this entire process with the blood and yuck but the incisions are too much for me at times. When I got home from my reveal, the first thing I wanted to do was shower. The smell that had built up behind the dressings and the binder was honestly unbearable. As I peeled back the tape this squirt of blood leaked through part of my incision and it made me feel so light headed and it basically ruined my shower aha. All I could do was think about it as the water ran down me. So that sort of ruined what I was hoping to be a dreamy moment of showering. One thing people seem to worry about the closer they get to top surgery is what might go wrong. I can't say this didn't cross my mind, but ultimately I was always reminding myself that the goal is to be flat, the aesthetics of it are a bonus and not something I take for granted. I'm pretty swollen right now so everything looks a bit wonky but I'm happy with my results. The only thing that might need some attention is a bump that I have down the middle of my chest. Dr Yelland told me that because the two sides of my chest were so close together, he might have to make it into one long scar as opposed to two. He did manage to do two individual scars, but the risk with that was that I might end up with a bump in the middle, which I have. It may go down with some massage or it might be a case of getting some revision work done to it. When faced with minor imperfections like that it would be really easy to feel embarrassed or annoyed about it, but my chest is flat. That was all I ever wanted and the fact that I still have two nipples and nicely moulded pecs is a bonus to me. I'm always going to appreciate the work and time that Dr Yelland put into my chest, I'm forever grateful.

P.S I hope you guys don't mind me being secretive with the incisions. Once everything has scarred up and I can finally clean around my chest properly I'm sure I'll show you some more personal shots.


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