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My Top Summer Dieting Tips

Ready to take the next step and transform your physique for the Summer? Here are 6 things to remember before starting out!

1. Don't Start In The Summer

If your plane sets off at the start of August and your diet begins in July, you're pretty far behind...

Whether you're looking to lose a little excess body fat or you're wanting to get shredded to the nines, dieting takes time. Set yourself up with a realistic timeframe (including wiggle room for the occasional off plan day). This means you can take your diet slow and steady, have room for slip ups, and maximise your results.

Take my client's results below as an example. From left to right this process took just over 30 weeks. Dieting is never a quick in and out process. Give yourself plenty of time!

Sam Barnes Lifestyle Client Transformation Result

2. Don't Throw The Kitchen Sink At It

If week one of your diet includes 6 sessions of cardio, 15,000 daily steps, and a diet made up of 1,000 calories, you're going from 0 to 100. Yes, you're initially going to see results from that set up, but what happens when you stall? You're already maxing out your cardio, steps, and calorie deficit, so you don't have any room to move whatsoever. Start gently and keep the changes to your plan as and when you need them.

3. Cardio Is Overhyped

The truth is, you could do an entire diet and never once do a single bit of cardio. Cardio doesn't burn fat, the calorie deficit that it contributes towards does. So, technically, you could just create a bigger deficit through food and never do cardio once. I'm not saying that you should do that, but you could do. So don't think you need to slog away at cardio 6 days a week. If you can handle it, take away some more food.

4. Step Count Is Underrated

It never ceases to amaze me how low some peoples step counts are, without them even realising. People will come to me after stalling with their weight loss. They have a good calorie deficit through food, workout, do cardio, but their steps are 2,000 a day!?

I get it, a large amount of us have desk jobs nowadays, and to make it worse, we work from home. This means our step counts are naturally at an all time low. Consider taking a 10 minute walk before starting work in the morning, or during lunch, to help bring your steps up a tad. Another good way to go about it is to go for an evening walk after work. This is also a really good way to clear your head after a long day at the desk.

5. If You've Never Tracked Before, Focus On Calories & Protein

If you've never tracked your calories before, ignore carbs and fat. You can make a good start to your diet simply by counting the correct number of calories and protein.

6. Get A Coach

At the end of the day, if you want to get the best results, getting an expert professional to help you is the best way. Consider looking around for an online coach who can help you with your summer dieting goals. They'll be able to put together the best training program for you, calculate your calories and macros, and also make changes as and when you need them.

Sam Barnes Lifestyle Client Transformation Result

Think I might be the right coach for you and your summer dieting goals? Work with me.

Now go smash it! ☀️ 🍹 🌊


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