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The Full Coaching Process

Here it is, the full coaching process. From application to the client leaving, this is how the whole process works!


The first stage in the coaching process is the application itself. Using the form on my website here, potential clients will tell me a little bit about themselves and what they need my help with. From here, I get an Introduction Pack sent out to them via email and, if they would like to discuss things further, they are able to access my calendar to book themselves in for a free consult video call.


The consult process is super relaxed. Potential clients book themselves in for a call at a time that works for them, I get to run them through how I would go through getting them to their goals, and they get to ask any questions they have. It lasts no longer than 20 minutes, and there are absolutely no obligations to sign up for coaching afterwards.

If they do decide they want to go ahead, they move on to the next step...


After getting off our consult call I'll send out my client profile form. This is an in-depth form, going over everything from training history to current dietary requirements. After filling this out, my new client will send this to me alongside of some physique photos.

Physique photos are taken so I can see exactly where you're at in regards to body composition, and we can also use them as a progress tracker as we go on.

As long as there are no concerns from anything mentioned in the forms, we'll then set up the initial payment. If the client requires an immediate start, the first full months fee is taken. If they require a start at a later date I take an initial deposit, then collect the remaining first months fee before they are ready to start.

All plans are sent out within 5 working days of the first months fee being paid.

Set Up & Week One

Before they are due to start on plan, all clients recieve a welcome and walkthrough video alongside of their program, taking them through every detail of the set up so they are ready to begin.

All clients have their training plan ready to go for week one, and most clients will also be given a food diary to fill in on the first week as well.

This allows me to see how many calories they are eating on average, and the sorts of meals they enjoy.

After the first week they are ready for their first check-in. The check-in process is smooth and simple. They fill out their check-in sheet the night before their check-in day, and they let me know how their week has been by answering all of the questions I have on the sheet for them.

On the day of their check-in I get back to them with a video response, detailing any changes I have made, and encouraging them for the week ahead.

Week Two

At this point I will have been through their food diary and, together, we will decide on what the next best steps are for them when it comes to their nutrition. Depending on their goals, lifestyle, and nutritional history, this could be anything from simple habit changes to daily macro tracking.

Week Three Plus

It's a case of rinse and repeat. The client keeps on following their plan and checking in with me, and I'm always on hand to make the changes needed as and when required.

All clients have my mobile number, so they can message me through out the week with any extra questions they have. This is also the method of contact most clients use when sending me their exercise videos, so I can assess their form and give them pointers on how to improve.

On top of this, clients who are signed up to my Advanced Tier also get the benefit of one live check-in with me each month. This is a really nice way of building on the coach client relationship, and gives you extra support with you program.

Monthly Group Calls

A new feature for 2023 are my monthly group calls. These are included in the price of all active clients coaching, and are also available to be joined by previous clients for a small fee. During the call I discuss a training, nutrition, or transition related topic. The calls are also recorded and sent out to everyone as well. They're a great way of bringing everyone together, and educating clients further.

The End

Clients stay with me for a wide range of different time frames. Depending on their goals and circumstances, they will either be classed as a short-term (under 6 months) or a long-term (6 months plus) client. Either way, here’s everything you need to know about the end of coaching with me!

The more notice a client can give me when they’re ready to stop, the better. If they have a date in mind from the beginning, It really helps if they tell me. This allows me to better plan their timeline. It also helps me to plan my intake better. I’m a full time coach, so this is my livelihood!

If a client needs to pause for transition related surgery, they’ll be given a time frame they will be able to come back within post surgery, and the price will still be the same as when they originally signed up. If they come back after this time frame has passed, they’ll be required to pay whatever the going rate is at that time.

My aim is always to build a really strong relationship with each and every client so, even when they leave, we're still on great terms, and they know my inbox is always open if they have the odd question every now and again (or they just want to say hello!).

That's it. The full coaching process rounded up in a single blog post. I pride myself on the level of service I offer every single client. It's important to me that they each get what they need from the process, and I'm able to do this by building a solid relationship with each one, and keeping my intake numbers controlled.

Want to talk to me about this more? Fill out my application form here to receive your Introduction Pack.



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